Monday, January 18, 2010

Hola from Espana!

Hi Pals! Tammy here and currently living in Rota, Spain. I am 35 and have been married to a wonderful man for the last 13 years. We have no traditional children (we prefer the four-legged variety) but if you visit my blog you will see our baby girl. We have lived in Spain for 3 ½ years and in August will be returning to the states. Unfortunately, the military will not let us know where we are going until April. All I know is that I will be within driving distance to Wal-Mart, Target, and crafting stores. I am a nurse and taught nursing for the last 5 years before moving but have not been able to work in that capacity while stationed here. Instead I teach EMT classes occasionally on the base and substitute teach at the high school. I am excited to get back to my profession, all the more money to spend on PTI products!

What got you into papercrafting?
I was invited to a DOTS (now known as CTMH) party in 1997 and fell in love with stamping. I made all of my Christmas cards that year (I remember they were on navy cardstock with gold embossing). I continued to papercraft until I went back to graduate school in 2000. I sold all of my supplies since I had no time between work and school to enjoy my hobby. When I moved to Spain in 2006 I became friends with a group of serious scrapbookers and a few stampers and the rest was history! As I began to “re”accumulate supplies my husband would say, “Didn’t you have one of these before?” Oh well…

Is there anybody who inspires you? If so, who?
Obviously Nichole and the PTI design team. However, PTI products are so fabulous that even those of us who are not at that level can create gorgeous works of art. I love to look at the blogs of fellow PTI addicts to gain everyday inspiration.

What is your favorite technique in papercrafting?
I love it all. Currently, I am learning to sew on my projects. I bought a Janome Sew Mini in November but only recently took it out of the box and started playing with it. My other current favorite is coloring with Copics. I am still a novice and hope to take a Copic class when I get back to the states.

What do you hope to gain from joining the PALs?
I am looking forward to building friendships, encouraging the Pals to move beyond their comfort zones, and gaining some constructive criticism to help me grow in this craft. Also, being committed to a group will ensure that I spend time creating instead of just accumulating. I think I like buying supplies as much as I like using them!

Anything else you want to say?
I am honored to be a part of this group and look forward to a fabulous year with all of you!


  1. So cool that you get the opportunity to live abroad for awhile! Hopefully, you'll get to move to a fun place once you're back in the States! I hear you on accumulating vs using. I'm currently trying to use up my patterned paper before buying more, but it's hard!

  2. DOTS was my introduction to the world of stamps too! I've actually been a CTMH rep several different times over the years. But now that I've found PTI I think CTMH's stuff is just "OK" ;)

  3. Aloha Tammy! Maybe the military will send you to Hawaii? (keeping my fingers crossed) We have a Wal-Mart and Target just opened up a few months ago so we have that too! ;O)

    One of the things I hope to try out this year is sewing and Copics. Please have the military send you here so you can teach me in person!

  4. If they send you to Missouri let me know!! Don't know what branch you guys are with, but we have the army and air force covered, as long as you aren't navy you MIGHT end up somewhat near me! Good to meet you.

  5. Tammy, I hope they send you somewhere that you will love. I am very jealous of the opportunity to live overseas for a while. I hope that has been an amazing experience for you!

  6. Hi Tammy! Can't wait to hear that you and your family get back to the states safely! :)

  7. I enjoyed reading about you, Tammy. I think it's a wonderful experience to live abroad. We would love to live abroad for a while, but our girls are not too fond about it. ;-) How do you like Spain? Have you had a chance to travel within Europe?

  8. Ingrid- yes, we have done a great amount of travel while living in Spain. While I don't care for the day to day of living here I am grateful for all the travel we have done. We've been to England, Ireland, Germany (3 times, our favorite country so far), France, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Egypt, Portugal, and many places throughout Spain.


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