Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello from cow country :)

Hi there, it's me, Diane J., posting from beautiful Lancaster County, PA. I really am blessed to live in such a beautiful area, even if it doesn't always smell so pretty here (like when they fertilize the fields, hee hee ;) I'm a 51 year old SAHM. I have 2 kids, Connor (13), and Ali (8). Yes, I got a late start having a family, I was 38 when I had Connor and 42 when I had Ali. This wouldn't have been my ideal choice, it's just the way my life worked out. My husband, Dave, is the love of my life and the most wonderful person I know. He's a computer programmer by day, and a volunteer firefighter by night and weekend :)

*What got you into papercrafting?
I started scrapbooking when my son Connor was born, 13 years ago. I discovered stamping shortly thereafter. I primarily worked on family scrapbooks for about 10 years, with a bit of card making thrown in. Then I gave up EVERYTHING for almost 2 years. Last year I rediscovered my passion for paper crafts, but I still have NO desire to scrap book again, we'll have to see if that returns to me at some point.

*Is there anybody who inspires you? If so, who?
Obviously Nichole and her team have had a HUGE impact on me since I discovered them this past October. I love everything PTI does, and "most" other companies pale in comparison imho.

*What is your favorite technique in papercrafting?
Well, there are quite a few things I love. I love paper piecing (partly because I love the look of it and partly because I'm not good at "coloring in" images ;) Since discovering PTI I've been enjoying the fun templates they design (boxes and bags and such). I've also been grooving on Lauren Meaders new venture. Love the idea of stamps to coordinate with the templates.

*What do you hope to gain from joining the PALs?
I hope to get to know you all better, and to LEARN from you! I hope that if I ask for constructive criticism you won't be afraid to give it to me; I really want to stretch my creativity!!

*Anything else you want to say?
I have a goal for this year. I want to start an Etsy shop. I have no idea where this will take me, or if I will have success selling my crafts, but this is my goal. I have NO desire to go back to the corporate world as my kids get older, and I would love to make a little business for myself selling my crafts. I'm not hoping to get rich, just make enough to be able to pay for all of my crafty purchases "myself", and not have to dip into household funds. My husband is VERY generous in that regard, but it still makes me feel guilty that I don't have a job, and I know that making some money and paying for my purchases myself would ease that guilt. I do currently sell things to friends, but I want to bump that up a couple of notches in 2010!

I guess that's it for now, I can't wait to hear from the rest of you!!



  1. Hi Diane! One of my goals is to start an etsy shop this year, too! Hopefully we can push each other into starting them :)

  2. When I hear Lancaster, PA it makes me think of beautiful country!! Don't know why because I haven't ever been there. Welcome.

  3. I would love to start an Etsy shop... I just am not sure my cards are good enough... or how I would price them... but nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? :)

  4. Aloha Diane in beautiful Lancaster County, PA! I think it's great you want to earn a little extra income by having an Etsy shop. Im sure you can find lots of encouragement and support from your PALs!!

  5. Hi Diane! I feel like I know you already from the PTI forum but I'm so happy you are part of our group. Good luck with starting an Etsy shop!

  6. The cow states are well represented here. ;-) We have lots of cows here in the Netherlands. It's nice to get to know you a little better, Diane.


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