Monday, January 18, 2010

Hmm..Guess it's my turn!

Hello everyone! The name is Cindy. I've been married to my husband since 1996, and we have 2 children (nicknamed lil C, 6 years old, and lil D, 4 years old). We currently live in NM and are really enjoying it. I've been a stay at home wife/mom since 2001.

  • What got you into papercrafting? I began scrapbooking in the late 90s but really began doing it in earnest after our daughter was born in 2004.
  • Is there anybody who inspires you? If so, who? I find inspiration in lots of blogs, all different kinds of cardmakers/scrapbookers.
  • What is your favorite technique in papercrafting? I like to experiment, but I love playing with ink. Ink, ink, ink.
  • What do you hope to gain from joining the PALs? Ahhh...some consistency in my posting would be good wouldn't it? :)
  • Anything else you want to say? Me? Say? I have nothing to say. You can't drag it from me. :)
Looking forward to the challenges!!


  1. Aloha Cindy! I'd love to try scrapbooking more... maybe you can give a few tips on how NOT to be intimidated by all that paper? LOL!

    I look forward to seeing everyone's creations!

  2. Hello Cindy, so good to get to know you a little better :)

  3. Cindy, thank you for sharing! I appreciate getting to know everyone a little better!

  4. Hi Cindy. Nice to meet you! We have some friends here in Spain that are moving to New Mexico next month. They will be at Holloman Air Base.

  5. It's great to meet you, Cindy! :)

  6. Nice to meet you, Cindy. What do you like most about NM?


Thanks for commenting! :)