Monday, May 2, 2011

Pals May Challenge: Make a Card for Your Mom!

Mother's day is approaching this weekend! Since May is the month for mothers, it seemed like it might be fitting to have a Pals challenge devoted to our mothers.

So the challenge this month is to make a card for your Mom (or other significant woman figure in your life). And remember how when we were kids we would color pictures for our moms? The additional part of the challenge is to add some hand coloring somewhere onto your project. You can use copics, colored pencils, watercolors, whatever medium you choose as long as it's got some of your beautiful artwork on it! :)

The card or project doesn't have to just be for mother's day--it can also be for your mom's birthday, just because or a thinking of you type of thing too!

Here are some more pictures to inspire you to get started! :)

Looking forward to seeing your hand colored cards for your mom! The link will open at the end of the month, but if you have a mother's day card you'd like to share early, just post it in the comments! Thanks for playing along!!

ETA: The link is now open! You can link up your projects here.

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  1. Love those vintage photos. This is going to be fun. I haven't colored in awhile.


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