Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stuck On You

Do you ever get stuck on something that you just can't stop creating with? Color combos, embellishments, layouts, dies, stamp sets, etc? It really amazes me how I get going on just one thing. Lately it's been bright, summery colors. Raspberry Fizz, Hawaiian Shores, Plum Pudding and Lemon Zest. mmmm...

I find that I'm really driven by holidays and seasons. I start getting tired of one and move onto the next one. We got done with Christmas and I was ready for Valentines Day. Then I got sick of the dull colors and the gray skies and needed some color in my life. In pops all the above colors I'm swooning over!

What are you stuck on? Do the seasons or holidays or weather dictate your creativity? Or are you more driven by what the current stamp and die releases are or the design calls?



  1. Liz, you are right about getting stuck! So many times I reach for my scrap pile and keep using the same colors over and over :) Guess I should quit hoarding those full sheets of paper -lol. Lately, I've been loving that slider card. Time to find some new inspiration!

  2. I get stuck on a ton of things. Like when I got my Lime Green VW Beetle I bought this really cute zip up at Abercrombie in the same color and then bought a cute little Coach bag with the same color stripe and navy ..... NERD ALERT!!! Okay so I admit I love green ....... New Leaf is my favorite. Back to crafting I would say that it is a bit of both for me ..... I have some new sets out on my desk that I want to work with right now but then there are always the good old standards that I cannot live without. Colors too I love new colors but I will always trend towards my favorites no matter what. The tulip photo is just delicious!!!


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