Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Mojo, where have you gone?

So, I've carved out some precious craft time, sit down at my desk & nothing...I've got nothing!  This happens to me way too often.  

What I have found is that inspiration comes to me at the oddest times.  I will be shopping with my dd and see an outfit that has the most amazing colors for a card - lol.  I have started saving jpegs in a mojo file on my computer.  Before I even sit down at the desk, I take a quick peek through it and see what jumps out.

I also like to flip through bedding catalogs.  The pictures are full of colors and patterns.  The mixture of materials helps me see textures for my cards.  I always find some mojo in the pages!  I love the far right picture below.  It reminds me of Damask Designs.

Many times I know what great paper or stamp set I want to use but the layout just isn't coming together.  My favorite resource for solving this problem is Card Positioning Systems.  CPS offers weekly contests you can participate in but for me the best part is the  Past Card Sketches link.  It takes you to jpegs of all the sketches you could ever dream of!  If you haven't used it before, I highly recomend you check it out.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the method to my madness and are inspired to create!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us, Rebecca! I like the examples you chose. I'm often inspired by catalogs and magazines too. :)


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