Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22 PALlenge! - Back to School Time!

Well, it won't be long before all the kiddies are heading back to school (some, like my students, are already IN school! Eep!)... and when I think of school, I think of primary colors (blue, red, green).

So, it only seems fitting that this PALlenge deals with that topic, doesn't it? :)

Here's the PALlenge:

1. You can make a card, altered work, scrapbook layout, whatever... but you may only use PRIMARY colors. And by that, I mean VERY primary. You need to use RED (but scarlet, crimson, or burgundy won't do). You need to use BLUE (but navy, sky blue, or cobalt isn't going to work) and you need to use GREEN (but hunter, lime, or sage isn't going to cut it!). Of course the definition of "PRIMARY" is subjective... but here are some samples of what I'm thinking:

Primary Blue

Primary Red

Primary Green

2. You may use some white and a little black. Neither should be the dominant color.
3. Having a "Back to School" theme is not necessary. :)

Have fun showing your TRUE colors!! :)

You can use the inlinkz feature below to showcase your project.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Tough challenge, Ted. I am sooooo behind on all the challenges and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this one in time. I have a huge assignment to finish this week.

  2. Is green a primary color? I thought they were red, blue, and yellow! LOL! Green is probably easier to work with! I will give it a try! Thanks for a great challenge!

  3. I am with you Laurie about the colors...I used red, blue, and yellow. Looking forward to the next challenge.

    Georgiana : )

  4. ROFL! You are right... RED GREEN YELLOW!

    Sorry about that! ;)


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