Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pallenge #13

Oooh! I get Pallenge #13. Thirteen is a VERY lucky number. So this challenge is about digging out those stamps you haven't used. As in EVER used. Maybe you have an entire stamp set that you could never find the "just right" occasion for. Or maybe you have a stamp set that contains that ONE stamp that you have never used, never inked, it just seemed to confound you. Now is the time to dig that stamp out and USE it. :)

I chose to use Birds of a Feather. I bought it loving the bird images. Just perfect I thought! They are perfect, but I never use birds on my cards or layouts! So here is my example:

Get out those never or rarely used stamps and ink them up! Post a link to your blog in Mister Linky below!


  1. Your card is beautiful, and what a great challenge! I certainly have my fair share of stamps that haven't seen ink ;)

  2. What a great challenge Cindy. I have a couple of sets that I've never inked up and lots more sets that haven't seen ink in awhile!
    Love the color of your card and the image you chose is certainly striking! Beautiful!

  3. Great challenge! I have several sets that I should create cards for here I'm embarrased to say.....

  4. Great challenge, Cindy. I came home from vacation last Friday and have some catching up to do. I am so behind on so many things.

  5. Beautifully simple. The color palette is so soft and serene. Great job!


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