Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pallenge #11 - Red, White and Blue & Stars

The colors of the American and Dutch flag are red, white and blue. I personally like that color combo a lot. These colors and the upcoming national American holiday 4th of July have inspired me for this challenge.

I challenge you to make a card, layout or any other project using red, white and blue. And.....I would like to see star(s)!

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Enjoy the challenge, Pals!


  1. Great challenge Ingrid ....... have to try and make this challenge!!!

  2. I've always loved red, white and blue, my whole house used to be decorated in that color scheme. Great challenge Ingrid!

  3. I added mine! Thanks for the challenge Ingrid! :)

  4. Here is my card for the challenge. Really enjoyed making this one. Thanks for posting this great challenge, Ingrid! :)

  5. I missed the deadline Ingrid, but I still made a card for your challenge.


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